Our mission is to offer a program to our clients that combines proper exercise instruction, weight management education and getting stronger and fitter to produce positive, life-changing results.

The Go-Go Fitness community is made up of women and men from all of life’s disciplines, but who all have something incredible in common. They all chose Go-Go Fitness because they want to elevate both mind and body when they cross our threshold. We sweat, we laugh, we cry and we breakthrough. We celebrate one another’s victories. We grow strong - together.

For your mind, body and soul.

At Go-Go Fitness, we believe our team is our number one asset and pride ourselves on having the best in the business. This is achieved through our detailed recruitment process and continued through ongoing professional development to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

Our personal trainers use proven methodologies to create training and nutrition programs aimed at optimising our clients' lifestyles towards their desired goal. In doing this we ensure each and every client has the physical and mental support they need to achieve optimal health.

In a word, yes. At Go-Go Fitness and Wellness Centre, we cater for all levels of fitness, all age groups, male and female. We offer a variety of classes from Boot Camp to Yoga to Zumba to Aerobics to Swimming to Boxing to Personal Training.

Our mission is to help everyone and anyone achieve their fitness goals, and no-one should feel intimidated to come along and talk to us. We have helped clients with weight loss, weight gain, sports event training, muscle toning, nutrition and lifestyle. In short - we have changed people's lives, and we can help change yours.